Nuosu and Mandarin/Lexical selection

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One-to-many Mapping

  • (iii) ꈌ ke → (zho) 狗 dog; 嘴巴 mouth
    • ꈌꋋꂷꑿꈹꇬꎷ。→ This dog used to chase sheep.
    • ꅇꂷꈌꇬꈀꅐꇁꈧꌠꉠꉌꃹ。→ I like the words that came out of (your) mouth.
  • (iii) ꋒ zzi → (zho) 剩 leave over; 遇见 meet
    • ꋚꋒꀐ。→ Food was left over.
    • ꋀꊇꇐꁈꌋꆀꐮꋒꐺ。→ They were meeting with Lupo.

The English glosses are nice, but it would be nice to see the Mandarin translations. -JNW