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Resource documentation for Okinawan (沖縄語). Some resources obviously overlap between classifications, so I attempted to put them where they best belonged. For instance, "An Introduction to Ryukyuan Languages" is clearly a grammatical reference, but it has some excellent excerpts that could go to a corpus.

Developed Resources

External Resources

Computational resources


  • Dictionary of Okinawan: Functions more like a list of words. Provided by Okinawa Tourism Association. Copyrighted.
  • Another dictionary, although this one is more for looking up specific words. Provided by "Ajima Okinawa"; seems like an Okinawa trivia website.
  • Okinawago Jiten: seems like the canonical hard-copy "big" dictionary for Okinawan. I don't have it, but UPenn does.

Grammatical descriptions

Scientific works