Removing binaries from transducer repo

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  1. Bootstrap a fresh transducer directory
  2. Examine the contents of that directory and your repo side-by-side and compare. Make sure to use ls -la so that you can see "hidden" files (i.e., ones that start with .)
    • Obvious unwanted files are anything ending in .bin, .hfst, .gz, anything in the .deps or autom4te.cache directories (and the directories themselves, though git doesn't track directories explicitly, so removing all files in them is sufficient), vim swap files (starting with . and ending with .swp or similar), etc.
  3. Use git rm --cached [filename1 filename2 .deps/* etc.] to remove any unwanted files from the repo and leave them on your local system.
  4. Use git commit and git push to commit and push the changes.