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Athena Basu's Language Selection Lab

I'd like to work with Rowan Orlijan-Rhyne and possibly a third person who has a deeper linguistics background.


- Morphological Typology: agglutinative?

- Number of speakers: 5-10 million

- Region: West Africa (Snegal, Mauritania, Gambia)

- Other languages used by speakers: maybe French and Arabic

- Orthography: primarily Latin, but also Arabic and Garay

- ISO Code: wol

- Sources: There are over 1,000 pages written in Wolof on wikipedia. There is also a bible translation in Wolof. There should be no trouble finding corpora.



- Morphological Typology: Synthetic?

- Number of speakers: 3 million

- Region: Bali and surrounding regions in Indonesia

- Other languages used by speakers: maybe Indonesian

- Orthography: Balinese script. There is also a Latin Orthography

- ISO Code: ban

- Sources: There should be resources available for this language. There seems to be a (partial?) Bible translation in Balinese.



Morphological Typology: I am uncertain.

- Number of speakers: approximately 1.8 million native speakers

- Region: Primarily Myanmar and Bangladesh

- Other languages used by speakers: maybe Burmese

- Orthography: Hanifi Rohingya Script

- ISO Code: rhg

- Sources: There seem to be a number of sample texts listed in the wikipedia, as well as videos of people speaking the language.