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Partner: Sasha Casada

I might need someone who is better in CS than me. I would also like to work on agglutinative languages that are spoken in Ukraine or neighboring countries (not a huge fan of indigenous Russian languages, but they might work too if everything else doesn't).

1. Krymchak / Judeo-Crimean Tatar / Judeo-Crimean Turkish

Code: jct. Source:

Language of Crimea, Ukraine. Spoken by 200 people, nearly extinct. One of the Turkic languages, so should be agglutinative. Similar to Crimean Tatar. Has different written systems. Might be hard in terms of resources.

2. Urum (so far my ABSOLUTE favorite, I really want to work on it for numerous reasons)

Code: uum (very cute). Source: Also available on Omniglot, which is very helpful

Language of Georgia and Ukraine. Has lot more speakers than Krymchak - 90,000 people in Georgia (Leclerc 2015) and 185,000 people in all countries (Omniglot says it is spoken by 185,000 people in Ukraine), so might be easier to find sources for. Also a Turkic language, also written in Cyrillics. Considered a variety of Crimean Tatar.

Resources!! It has A LOT OF resources available in the Ukrainian language! There is also a nice book about grammar in English

3. Pontic Greek

Code: pnt. Source:

Has 400,000 speakers in Greece. Reportedly, Pontic is not mutually intelligible with Greek. One of the Indo-European / Greek languages => it is fusional. Should have enough resources, but harder to work on, since it is inflected.,,,.