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I don't have a preference for who I work with.


Basic Info

ISO 639-3: see

Seneca is a language spoken in upstate New York on the Allegheny, Cattaraugus, and Tonawanda reservations. Currently ethnologue classifies the language as 8a, Moribund, and there are <100 speakers remaining.[1] It is considered to be a poly-synthetic agglutinative, and has a rich inflectional morphology system that uses both prefixation and suffixation.[2]

Source Availability

There is an active revitalization effort, so many sources are available online.

  • Iroquois creation story [3]
  • Seneca Morphology and Dictionary [4]
  • More sources [5]


Basic Info

ISO 639-3: lkt

Lakota is a language spoken primarily in North and South Dakota. Currently enthnologue classifies the language as 8a, Moribund, and there are ~2100 speakers.[6] Lakota is an agglutinative language with inflectional morphology. The language uses mostly prefixation but there is also some infixation.[7]

Source Availability

  • Online corpora [8]


Basic Info

ISO 639-3 tiw

Tiwi is a language spoken in Bathurst and Melville islands in Australia. It is classified by ethnologue as 5* developing, and there are 2,040 speakers according to the 2016 census.[9] Traditional Tiwi is highly polysynthetic, but modern Tiwi is isolating language with some inflectional morphology. The exact number of speakers of traditional Tiwi is unknown.[10]

Source Availability

  • Language texts [11]