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  1. Arabic Dialects
    • all use Arabic alphabet, fusional language
    • Exist in a diglossia in their countries/regions with MSA
    • Generally not recognized in home countries although the native language of its speakers (such as Shaami)
    • Existing resources for some (Darija, Shaami)

Arabic Dialects

    • Shaami -- ~40 million speakers in the Levant, two main types (North and South)
    • Iraqi/Mesopotamian: Gilit, Qeltu, Baghdadi <10 million speakers; spoken in Iraq, variant of Mesopotamian Arabic (also spoken in Syria)
    • Darija -- ~40 million speakers; spoken in Morocco, similar to other North African varieties


    • 8-10 million speakers of diff variants across central Andes, Latin orthography
    • Official status in Peru

Mixtec variety (any)

    • spoke by about half a million people