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I would like to work with anyone.


  • ISO 639-3: ryn (Northern Amami), ans (Southern Amami)
  • Amami is a Ryukyuan language mainly spoken in Amami islands in Japan, which can be further categorized into Northern and Southern Amami. The number of native speakers is estimated to be around ten thousands. [1]
  • Amami languages can be written in Japanese Hiragana. [2]
  • Resources: I have found a few Japanese books on Amami, which explain some basic grammar and phrases of Amami. I also found an online database of Amami [3].


  • ISO 639-3: mai
  • Maithili is mainly spoken in India and Nepal, and the number of native speakers is about thirty millions. [4]
  • Maithili was historically written in Tirhuta script, but since the 20th century the language is mostly written in Devanagari. [5]
  • Resource
    • A Wikipedia article written in Maithili [6]


  • ISO 639-3: sat
  • Santali is a language that belongs to a subfamily of the Austroasiatic languages, and is mainly spoken in Indian states such as Assam. The number of speakers is more than seven millions. [7]
  • Latin script had been used to write Santali, but Ol Chiki script was introduced in 1930's to account for phonemes that may not be addressed with Latin script. [8]
  • Resource:
    • A blog post on some Santali sentences and the translation in English [9]