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Hi! my name is Harry. I am a sophomore (class of 2024), studying Linguistics and Classics (at the moment), but my major is as of yet undecided. I am interested in the Celtic languages and have some experience with the Breton language of Brittany in northern France. I would also be interested in working on Afroasiatic languages, like Kabyle, Tamasheq, Oromo, etc., and indigenous languages of the United States especially. I have taken CS21 but I am not very adept at computer stuff, so helping hands and advice are always welcome!

Languages of Interest

  • Celtic
    • Breton
    • Manx
  • Afroasiatic
    • Kabyle
    • Tamasheq
    • Beja
  • Other
    • Lakota
    • Abenaki
    • Arrernte
    • Kabardian
    • Abkhaz