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I would like to work with Mark

Language preference

  1. Shan
  2. Rohingya
  3. Saek


I think that Shan is an analytic language because it is mono-syllabic and it is similar Thai which is also an analytic language.

Shan language is part of the Tai-Kadai language family. It is mostly spoken in the Shan state in Myanmar. It is also spoken within certain pockets within mainland Southeast Asia. The estimated numbers of speakers is around 3.3 million people. The traditional Shan alphabet is now mostly forgotten and unused and the main writing system of Shan language is the newer Shan alphabet dervied from the Myanmar writing system.

There is a Shan dictionary and bitext on sealang. It contains a good number of translated words and phrases

There is also a website with various books that have english translations


I think that Rohingya would be a fusional language. It contains many affixes that fuse to the root to show number and tense. It is also an Indo-European language which are typically fusional.

Rohingya is a language spoken by the Rohingya people in the Rakhine State in Myanmar. It is estimated to have about 1.2 million speakers. It also has a high degree of mutual intelligibility with the Chittagonian language. ISO: rhg

A book in rohingya which teaches children rohingya and english


I think that Saek is a anaylytic language from the word examples I could find. It is also very similar to Thai which is also analytic so I am guessing that Saek is the same.

Saek is a language spoken by the Saek people. They mostly reside within northeast Thailand and Laos. The Saek language is part of the Tai-Kadai language family. Saek language is tonal and has 6 tones. The writing system used for Saek is the Thai writing system. ISO: skb

Wikipedia has a dictionary of a couple of Saek words and translations.หมวดหมู่:คำหลักภาษาแสก

I could not find many texts but there was this book that I was not able to find for free that is said to have translations of Saek text.