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I would like to work with someone who has more experience with computer science than I do (not necessarily a major or anything though). Just so both of us won't be relatively blind. Optimally I'd like to work with someone who doesn't have that much experience with linguistics, but does with CS so we can help cover eachother's blindspots.

Waray - a regional language of the Phillipines. Spoken by the Waray people of the Eastern Visayas islands. The second language of other people on Leyte island. It's in the austronesian Language family. The language is named by non-speakers who often hear the word "Waray" which means "none" or "nothing" in the language. Print meadi in the language is rare because most regional newspapers are printed in English, but there are bible available printed in the language. It seems to be fairly analytical given translations of simple greetings have more words added in than the English translation rather than fewer, and each word seems to have a direct distinguishable meaning. Words like their "good" "happy" and "to" don't seem to change morphological shape at all according to the small snippets I've seen. It has 2.6 million speakers.

Tiwi - an aboriginal language of Northern Austrailia spoken on the Tiwi islands. It's classified as a polysynthetic language, but has lost most of it's grammatical complexity with younger generations. It has several nominals that can be incorporated into verbs, often making them indistinguishable from the regular forms. This suggests it's at least a pretty fusional language. Tiwi has long been distinguished as a language isolate (no clear genealogical relation to other languages, and hasn't been descended from a common ancestor of another language). It has 2,040 native speakers.

Fijian - part of the austronesian language family. It's based on Bau, an East Fijian language. They don't distinguish between nouns and adjectives, and have different suffixes and addendums to words to alter meaning/ abide by the language's conventions. So, Fijian seems to be a fairly synthetic agglutinative language. It's spoken by approximately 340,000 people.