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People to work with: Bua

Languages initially studied: Shah, Pontic Greek or Balinese.

Shan: Shan, a relative of Thai I think is analytic. This is because many of the words are monosyllabic and have few pre or suffix's. Further, since its related to Thai, Thai is also an analytical language and I think that is a basis to say with good likelihood that Shan is Analytical. A dictionary can be found here:

and there exists some Buddhists text located here:

3.3 million speakers around Myanmar and Northern Thailand. ISO: shn

Pontic Greek: I am not sure what this language exactly is because I identified that prefix and suffixes exist but am not sure to what extent they exist in. However, comparing Pontic Greek to Greek, then Ancient Greek is Fusional and that supports the minor evidence I have for the prefix's and suffix's. Regarding texts, I think finding texts may be hard, I have found some initial data on the alphabet but have yet to find full texts: [alphabet data]

800,000 Speakers around Greece and Russia. Heavily diminished due to genocide during 20th century. Written language stems from Latin. ISO: ptn.

Balinese: I think Balinese is analytical, this is because it has words similar to English and Latin and there are a lot of singular elements that construct into sentences. Some bible text: [bible] 3.3 million speakers around Bali. Written scriptures are near identical to Javanese. But two different types of writing systems exist, the original native Balinese script and the modern Latin script. I would guess that we would want to work with the Balinese script if possible.

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