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Partner: I really have no preference as to who I want to work with. If you have some personal connection to a language or strong motivation to do a specific one, that'd be really cool.

Ladino Fijian Rohingya
ISO code lad fij rhg
Morphological Typology Fusional - morphological similarities to Spanish language, which is well-documented as fusional Isolating as far as I can tell, with a few instances of fusional morphological processes such as the case of possessives Fusional - verb stems change form between different tenses, and verb endings change by subject.
Basic information Indo-European language, about 100,000 speakers mainly centered in Jerusalem. Mainly used by Sephardic Jews, so speakers are commonly Hebrew speakers. Can be written with Hebrew, Cyrillic, and Latin scripts. Otherwise known as "Judeo-Spanish". ethnologue. Pacific language with about 650,000 speakers on the main and surrounding islands of Fiji. A dialectal variant, West Fijian, is spoken, although not nearly as extensively as the main language. Uses a Latin script exclusively. ethnologue. Indo-Aryan language used by roughly a million people in the Rakhine state of Myanmar but also scattered geographically due to the Rohingya diaspora. Multiple dialects exist, and is used as the primary language by most of its speakers. Arabic, Latin, and a language-specific script exist. ethnologue.
Corpus Stanford's Jewish Studies Program has an extensive corpus of Ladino texts. A Fijian bible exists here. Language book found here from Omniglot, which contains a bunch of Rohingyan texts in Latin script and English.