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Proposed partner: Ismael Emilio Garcia

  1. Mirandese language (lhéngua mirandesa).
  2. Judeo-Italian language (giudeo-italiano).
  3. San Martín Quechua/Runasimi language.

Morphological typologies (Wikipedia):

  • Mirandese: (synthetic) fusional.
  • Judeo-Italian: (synthetic) fusional.
  • San Martín Quechua: (synthetic) agglutinative.

Basic information (Ethnologue; Wikipedia)

  • Mirandese
    • Number of speakers: 15,000.
    • Location: Bragança district: Miranda do Douro and Vimioso municipalities, Miranda city; Spain border.
    • Number of languages in environment: 2-3.
    • Status (intergenerational transmission): 2 (Provincial); statutory language of provincial identity in 4 municipalities, northeast Portugal.
    • Normative orthography: Convenção Ortográfica da Língua Mirandesa.
    • Description of orthography: Latin alphabet, cedillas (ç) can be placed before consonants, circumflex accent used in diphthongs.
    • ISO codes: mwl.
  • Judeo-Italian
    • Number of speakers: 250
    • Location: Tuscany region: Siena province, Buonconvento; urban areas central and north, Rome.
    • Number of languages in environment: 2
    • Status (intergenerational transmission): 8a (Moribund).
    • Normative orthography: None.
    • Description of orthography: Historically the Hebrew (10th-18th centuries) and Roman (19th-20th centuries) alphabets.
    • ISO codes: itk.
  • San Martín Quechua
    • Number of speakers: 15,000
    • Location: Amazonas region: Roderigo de Menedez province; Loreto region: one enclave; San Martin region: Lamas, Sisa and other districts, and along Ucayali river.
    • Number of languages in environment: 2+.
    • Status (intergenerational transmission): 6b (Threatened).
    • Normative orthography: None.
    • Description of orthography: Latin alphabet.
    • ISO codes: qvs