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I would like to work with someone who has a strong linguistics background.

  1. Standard Tibetan:

According to Ethnologue Standard Tibetan is spoken by 1,172,940 people and is the only language spoken by 920,000 concentrated mostly in China., India and Nepal. Many speakers of standard Tibetan are also able to speak Mandarin Chinese. Literacy rate is listed as 30% with high motivation to become literate. ISO codes include bod, bo, and tib. Morphology orthography A translation of the bible into Standard Tibetan can be found at The Ethnologue page can be found at

  1. Fijian:

Fijian is spoken by roughly 650,000 people in Fiji and another 9,000 outside of Fiji. There is ample access to text written in Fijian including news papers and the bible.It is written using Latin symbols. Most speakers of Fijian are also able to speak English. The ISO code of Fijian is fij. Morphology orthography The Ethnologue page from which most of this information is pulled can be found at

  1. Lakota:

According to Ethnologue Lakota is spoken by 2,200 people world wide with most being concentrated in North Dakota and Nebraska in the United States. Lakota is considered to be a threatened language. Lakota is written using Latin script and there exist sections of the bible and dictionaries and grammar books written in Lakota, information on how to find bible translations can be found here Many users of the language also speak English. Lakota's ISO code is lkt. Morphology orthography The Ethnologue page can be found at