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Preferred Partner: Shaurya Bhaskar

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1. Saraiki

Sources: [1] [2]

SOV typology, postpositions Extremely similar morphological features to Standard Punjabi Primarily spoken in Punjab region of Pakistan Number of speakers: 25.9 million Orthography: Written in either Urdu (with seven extra symbols) or Sindh ISO code: skr

It should be pretty easy to find a decent amount of Saraiki text. I was able to find many poems with a simple Google search.

2. Garhwali

Source: [3] [4]

SOV typology Primarily spoken in Garhwali region of Indian Himalayas Number of speakers: 2.5 million Orthography: Devanagari, which is used by many Indian languages, including Hindi ISO code: gbm

The wikipedia page has a list of many contemporary works in Garhwali, so it should be pretty easy to find text online.

3. Lepcha [5] [6]

Shares similar morphology with Mahakiranti languages Primarily spoken in Sikkim, India by the Lepcha people Number of speakers: 57,000 Orthography: Written using the Lepcha script ISO code: lep

It might be somewhat difficult to find Lepcha text considering there are very few speakers worldwide.