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Computational Resources

1. Different Keyboard Layouts for Saraiki


2. Phrasebook with many common Saraiki phrases for travelers


3. List of other possible computational resources



1. Dictionary: English to Saraiki dictionary that can translate any inputted English word into Saraiki. Anyone can add translations to get verified, so might not be completely accurate, so might need to cross reference with other translations.


Grammatical descriptions

1. Saraiki grammatical description


Scientific works

1. Book: Crossing Phonetics-Phonology lines. It has an entire academic chapter dedicated to Saraiki which includes rules of grammar and a lot of phonetic information which might be useful at some point.


2. Book: A Descriptive Grammar of Hindko, Panjabi, and Saraiki. Authors: Elena Bashir, Thomas J. Conners. A book that dives into the depths of Saraiki Grammar (Nouns, adverbs, verbs etc.) Not easily available but we are using our resources at UPenn to acquire this book. Chapters focus specifically on Saraiki grammar.


3. A unified analysis of two reduplication processes in Saraiki by JEROEN VAN DE WEIJER and FIRDOS ATTA: Analyzes two reduplication processes in Saraiki, an Indo-Aryan language spoken in Pakistan. The two processes are only minimally different: the first type involves total reduplication and the second type involves overwriting with an initial consonant (“fixed segment reduplication”).



1. Collection of Saraiki poems and other literature