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For the language project, I would like to work with someone who knows linguistics well.

The following are my prospective languages for the course, with the first being my preferred choice:

  • Miskito
  • Tigre
  • Beja

Miskito (Mískitu)


ISO 639-3: miq

  • Region: Nicaragua, Honduras
  • Speakers: 180,000 [1]

Miskito is the most widely spoken of the Misumalpan family of languages (of which there are three members). It is influenced by its sister languages and also by English via Creole. Spanish is a relatively recent influence on the language.

It is inflectional and derivational, predominantly using suffixing. [2]

During the 20th century, Miskito was stifled by government pushes to learn Spanish. However, since the 1990s, preservation efforts of the language have increased. [3]


There are a number of grammar resources in the OLAC as well as examples of songs and text easily found from a web search.

Tigre (Tigrayit)


ISO 639-3: tig

  • Region: Eritrea
  • Speakers: approx 800,000 [4]

Tigre is an Afroasiatic language, a member of the South Semitic languages. It utilized a version of the Ge'ez (its parent language) alphabet, although some Muslim Tigre utilize Arabic Script. [5]

Nouns are gendered, and the language is inflectional based on the many forms of the verb "to be." [6]


OLAC has a number of resources regarding Tigre grammar, including examples of liturgical text (among other texts).



ISO 639-3: bej

  • Region: Sudan, Eritrea, Egypt
  • Speakers: 1–2.2 million [7]

Beja is another Afroasiatic language, though it belongs to the Cushitic family of languages.

It has been written in both the Latin and Arabic alphabet.

Nouns and adjectives are gendered. Beja is inflectional with plurals formed by suffixes (although it can get much more complicated). [8]


Beja has a strong oral tradition, and there are a number of recordings of poems, epics, etc. (though I may need help accessing those files). I also think finding written short stories is possible. [9],,,