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I'd like to work with Tillie [1]


  • ISO 639-3: bhw [2]
  • Biak is an Austronesian language spoken by about 30,000-70,000 people in Biak and other small islands near Western New Guinea. [3]
  • Speakers of Biak skew older, and most are also fluent in Malay. [4]
  • Speakers of Biak are predominantly Christian. [5]
  • Biak seems to be an agglutinative language like Malay or Indonesian. [6] describes how verbs are modified with either prefixes or infixes, depending on the beginning of the verb.
  • Writing: Latin script. [7]



  • ISO 639-3: lez [12]
  • Lezgian is a Northeast Caucasian language and a member of the Lezgic language family, with about 800,000 speakers. Many Lezgian speakers are in Southern Dagestan and northern parts of Azerbaijan. [13]
  • The Lezgins are mainly Sunni Muslim. [14]
  • Lezgian is an agglutinative language. It has 18 cases (most of them locative cases) which are formed by agglutinating suffixes. It has no grammatical gender, and two types of declensions. [15]
  • Writing: Arabic, Latin, currently Cyrillic. [16]


  • Some wordlists, short texts, and other information [17]
  • Lezgian bible [18]
  • OLAC page: [19]


  • ISO 639-3: tfn [20]
  • Denaʼina is an Alaskan Athabaskan language spoken by about 75 native speakers. Part of why it has become endangered is the Alaskan schools forbid teaching or learning the language. [21]
  • Denaʼina is a polysynthetic language. The basic word order is SOV. [22]
  • Writing: Latin [23]


  • Book: [24]
  • Dictionary and other info: [25],,,