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Rowan Orlijan-Rhyne, Athena Basu, and Rhea Lim

Spring 2023

Developed Resources

Keyboard Layout

Totals: 102 forms, 146 tp, 144 fp, 0 tn, 18 fn Precision: 50.34483% Recall: 89.02439%

External Resources

Computational resources (spell checkers, orthography converters, speech recognition software, keyboard layouts, machine translators):
  • Machine translator[1] - ©2023 Wolof Translations by Janga Wolof.
  • Keyboard[2] - Xavier Nègre © Lexilogos 2002-2021
Dictionaries/phrasebooks/glossaries (multilingual and monolingual, online and paper):
  • Peace Corps resources[3] - unlisted, presumably public domain
  • Peace Corps New Wolof Book[4] - unlisted, presumably public domain
  • A phrase guide[5] - Copyright 2020 ® ST Communications
  • Extensive online dictionary with some example sentences (English-Wolof)[6] - all rights reserved
  • 1997 UCLA Eng-Wol dictionary[7] - copyright 1997 all rights reserved
  • Resources for Wolof in Gambia[8] - all rights reserved
  • Gan gi = The visitor : with a glossary of Wolof at the end of the book : a beginning self-study Wolof course for tourists and foreigners[9] - all rights reserved
  • Wolof-French Dictionary[10] - all rights reserved
  • Wolof-English phrasebook with audio[11] - all rights reserved
Grammatical descriptions (theoretical and pædagogical):
  • General overview of Wolof grammar[12]
  • Long academic grammatical description[13]
  • Noun classification resource[14]
Scientific works (papers, books, websites):
  • Wolof morphological analyzer[20] - usage rights: not listed, but I assume we can use it if we cite it
  • Sociolinguistic study on the impact of Coid-19 on Wolof in Senegal [21]
Corpora (any collection of authentic text, linguistically annotated or not, including Wikipedia in the language, news websites, Twitter feeds, etc.)
  • Bible - not sure if this is Senegalese or Gambian Wolof yet[22] - Creative Commons License, © 2010-2020 AES et MBS.
  • 2010 Bible Senegalese Wolof - this is James 1:1 to 5:20 [23] - © 2010 La Mission Baptiste du Sénégal under creative commons license 4.0
  • Wikipedia pages in Wolof [24] (Creative Commons)
  • Bible resources[25] (usage rights in block quote below)
    "The usual copyright restrictions apply to the use of these Scripture portions. For use of quotations of the Wolof Scriptures in published form, the text may be quoted in any form (written, visual, electronic or audio) up to and inclusive of 150 verses with written permission, providing the verses quoted do not amount to a complete book of the Bible nor do the verses quoted account for 25% or more of the total text of the work in which they are quoted. This permission is contingent upon an appropriate copyright acknowlegement. Use of the text beyond these limits requires written permission."
  • 2020 Revision of the Bible © 2023 Life.Church / YouVersion (terms of use allow us to use it[26])[27]
New resources
  • Wolof corpus repository[28]


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  2. Wolof Keyboard
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  11. 17 minute languages
  12. Languages Gulper Grammar
  13. Wolof: A Grammatical Sketch
  15. Short Phonetic Study
  16. Wolof lexicon and grammar
  17. Grammaire du wolof contemporain
  18. Wolof learning manual for English speakers
  19. Intro to Wolof Grammar
  20. morphological analyzer
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