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These are Spring 2019 student submissions for the language selection assignment. These are due by the beginning of class on January 24, 2019.

username name language ISO 639-3 Area affiliation
apinto2 & qfeng1 Arielle Pinto & Synthia Feng Chechen che Chechen Republic (mainly) Northeast Caucasian→Nakh
glee2 & dcharte1 Gregory Lee & Dylan Charter Nivkh niv Amur River Basin Language Isolate
nstern1 & cwillia7 Ziv Stern & Ceci Williamson Eastern Burushaski bsk Regions in Pakistan Language Isolate
xluo1 & nmaini1 Xihao Luo & Navdeep Maini Dhivehi div Maldives Indo-European→Indic
egutier1 & drosset1 Erick Gutierrez & Danielle Rossetti Dos Santos Kaingang kgp Southern and Southeastern Brazil Macro-Jê