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Developed resources

Jeju Input Methods

wiki keyboard page

git repository for designing keyboard layout

Computational Resources

Jeju transducer wiki page

Jeju transducer repository

Assembled Corpora

link to git repository

External resources

Computational resources

Spell checkers

There are no spell checkers for Jeju.

Orthography converters

While there are no orthography converters for Jeju, there are programs that allow the user to choose prearranged Jeju-unique letters for input.

Speech Recognition Software

There are no speech recognition softwares for Jeju.(Standard Korean speech recognition softwares exist, but they fail to correctly recognize and translate Jeju language.)

Keyboard layouts

There is no Jeju-specific keyboard layout developed. Since there is one vowel(·) not used anymore in Standard Korean that is preserved in Jeju(called "아래아" with /ɒ/ value), native speakers work around this problem by either using a Korean document editor("한/글") that supports the input or using a special program that lets the user copy the letters.[1]

However, it should be noted that many Jeju samples are written only using Modern Hangul letters(ㅗ is substituted for ·) and thus do not represent the sound correctly. Fortunately, this error tends to follow patterns and therefore may be corrected with some processing.

The document editor ("한/글") is a proprietary software and does not share its code. The special program described("제주어 100문자 입력기"), developed by a Jeju-community member, is also closed source.(I am in the process of mailing and identifying whether it is possible to obtain code/resource.)

Also, Naver Inc. hosts a Old Hangul input program, which contains the letters currently used in Jeju.[2]

Machine translators

There are no machine translators for Jeju, although Google Translate and Papago by Naver support Standard Korean.


I have found an article from a Korean newspaper that a dictionary containing Jeju vocabulary was published by a university in Jeju. It is not certain that the resource is obtainable in digital form. The same institution published documentation of conversations in Jeju.

Dictionary 1

  • Description: Online Dialect Dictionary Run By Jeju Provincial Government
  • License: Copyrights by Jeju Provincial Government
  • Availability: Accessible through Website([3]),

but it is not clear whether raw data is obtainable.

Dictionary 2

  • Description: Jeju Vocabulary DIctionary compiled by a Korean Literature Professor of Jeju University([4])
  • License: Copyrights by Jeju University and Professor Young-bong Kang
  • Availability: No ebook or online access found. Therefore, only available through book form.

Dictionary 3

  • Description: Online Jeju-eo Talking Dictionary made by Cheng, Andrew and K. David Harrison. Jeju-eo Talking Dictionary. Living Tongues Institute for Endangered Languages.. Supports audio reading of the recorded phrases.
  • License: Copyrights by Jeju-eo community. All rights reserved. Do not distribute or reproduce without permission.
  • Availability: Online access through website.([5]) Contacted Professor Harrison of Swarthmore College and has been granted permission to use the data.(Data in more usable form to be obtained from the database manager.)

Grammatical descriptions

Resource 1

  • Description: An article("On Jeju Dialect") that introduces the major grammatical differences between Standard Korean and Jeju language.
  • License: Copyrights by New Korean Studies and Professor Chung of Inha University.
  • Availability: Accessible through webpage([6]).

Resource 2

  • Description: Two volume series on Jeju grammar.("An Introduction to Jeju Grammar")[7].
  • License: Copyrights by Bogo Inc and Jae-hwan Ko.
  • Availability: Accessible through webpage([8]).

Scientific work

In general, Jeju-studies Archives seems to be a reliable source of linguistic and historical studies on Jeju language.

Resource 1

  • Description: Phonological and phonetic studies on Jeju.
  • License: All rights reserved by Jeju-studies Archives.
  • Availability: Accessible through webpage([9] An example, "Korean Plosives and VOT: A Comparison of Jeju Dialect and Daegu Dialect").

Resource 1

  • Description: Typological and morphological studies on Jeju.
  • License: All rights reserved by Jeju-studies Archives.
  • Availability: Accessible through webpage.


Resource 1

  • Description: Two volume series on Jeju grammar.("An Introduction to Jeju Grammar")[10].
  • License: Copyrights by Korean Broadcasting Company
  • Availability: Accessible through KBS and Jeju-studies Archive webpage.

Resource 2

  • Description: Documentation of Jeju langauge through conversations and speechees by native speakers.(Volume 1 to 24)[11].
  • License: Copyrights Jeju-studies Archive
  • Availability: Accessible through webpage([12]).

Other possible sources

Internet community of Jeju-speakers.

Blog in Korean with a subsection on Jeju language

old hangul keyboard layout


Link to wiki page

Jeju and Ainu Translation Pair

Link to wiki page

Universal Dependencies

Link to wiki page