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Developed Resources

Kalmyk keyboard
Corpus (Github)
Grammar Documentation
Universal Dependencies Syntax

External Resources

Computational Resources

  • online keyboard for Kalmyk [1]
  • another online keyboard for Kalymk, with two options - PC keyboard layout and the full alphabet layout [2]


  • Kalmyk-Russian and Russian-Kalmyk online dictionary [3]
  • Kalmyk-Russian dictionary, published in 1977; pdf format [4]
  • English-Kalmyk dictionary; student-created; pdf format [5]
  • English-Kalmyk dictionary; for some entries, contains description of word; licenses allow for free use ([6]) [7]

Grammatical Descriptions

  • chapter describing overall grammar of Kalmyk, from the book The Mongolic Languages [8]
  • short description of very basic grammar [9]
  • English translation of "Cornelius Rahm's Kalmuk Grammar"; orthography and etymology [10]
  • archive of educational materials for preservation of Kalmyk, in Russian [11]

Scientific Works

  • "Oirat Tobi: Intonational Structure of the Oirat Language"; includes some phonological analysis of Kalmyk [12]


  • wikipedia pages in Kalmyk [13]
  • list of basic conversational phrases in Kalmyk [14]
  • list of common words and phrases [15]
  • the bible in Kalmyk; available in pdf and various ebook formats [16]
  • a memorial speech, with an English translation [17]
  • digital library of books in Kalmyk [18]