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This assignment is due in class on Thursday of the 7th week (this semester, 11:20 on Thursday, March 2nd, 2017).

For your midterm overview, you will need to speak for no more than 3 minutes and outline the following:

  • What language you worked on and some quick facts about it (where it's spoken, the size of the community that uses it, any prominent languages it might be related to),
  • General morphological (lots of prefixes? suffixes? reduplication?) and phonological/orthographic (lots of phonological changes? accent markings? syllabic orthography?) properties of the language,
  • What sort of coverage you're currently getting on your corpus (as a percentage of forms analysing, and as number of tokens being analysed out of total), and what did the most the increase that number in the last couple couple weeks,
  • A couple aspects of the course that you've found the most challenging (finding resources? understanding what constitutes normative orthography? understanding the grammar? learning to work with lexc or twol? implementing prefixes/infixes? dealing with too many characters in the orthography?),
  • Some specific aspect(s) of the orthography/grammar that was/were particularly challenging to understand or deal with.
    • You should briefly outline the grammar point (what the alternation is) and what you had to do to implement it computationally.
  • Any thoughts you have about who it might be interesting to work with in groups for the upcoming part of the class (machine translation). Working with more similar languages (related or just structurally similar) will be more straightforward, but this won't always be possible. You will need to decide on groups over break, and finalise it shortly after coming back.

The point of this assignment is for the class to get a picture of what their fellow students' work is like. Everyone's working on different languages, so this should give some sense of the diversity of problems encountered. On the other hand, everyone's struggled with one thing or another, so there will be some familiarity in others' overview.