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Language being worked on by Bill Dengler and Elizabeth Resendiz. Specifically: Totontepec Mixe (ISO: mto).

Note that of all Mixean varieties, mto is most closely related to pxm.

Resource for resources:

  • Oxford Bibliographies Mixe-Zoquean Languages
    • Lists a decent amount of Sayula (pos) resources which we haven't yet looked into (and likely won't, if another variety works out for us).
  • SIL archives

Developed resources

External resources

By language variety

By type


  • A short paper that presents the first neural machine translator system for Ayuuk (ISO: mir)


  • Dictionary of Totontepec (mto) variety. Likely bilingual, Spanish and Totontepec.
    • Schoenhals, Alvin, and Louise C. Schoenhals. 1965. Vocabulario mixe de Totontepec
    • Available through SIL [1]

You can request things from Princeton through ILL: https://www.swarthmore.edu/libraries/borrowing-beyond-trico -JNW

Grammatical descriptions

  • Grammar of Ayutla(Tlahuitoltepec) (ISO: mxp) variety. Doctoral dissertation by Rodrigo Romero-Mendez.
    • According to Oxford Bibliographies, "contains frequent comparative remarks concerning other Mixe-Zoquean languages."
    • Copyrighted, all rights reserved.
    • 2009 A Reference Grammar of Ayutla Mixe
    • Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives License
  • A broad description of the Totontepec (ISO: mto) variety of North Highlands Mixe. Particular emphasis on applicative constructions.
    • Master's Thesis by Veronica Guzman Guzman. 2012. Las construcciones aplicativas en el mixe de Totontepec
    • Obtained pdf through ILL

Scientific works

  • A discussion of orthography design for Mixe languages, focusing on Chuxnaban (Quetzaltepec (ISO: pxm)).
    • Includes:
      • a phonemic inventory and its representation in Janey's proposed orthography
      • Some discussion of phonological processes
      • examples of Chuxnaban words and phrases
      • a table comparing many of the mixean orthographies that are and have been used for various varieties
    • 2010 Carmen Janey Orthography Design for Chuxnaban Mixe
  • An overview of structural aspects of Mixe-Zoquean languages (not specific to any one variety of Mixe)
    • Mixe-Zoquean Languages
    • A short discussion of general phonology, morphology, and syntax of the language family and the distinguishing features of the two branches (Mixe and Zoque).
    • Some examples from Totontepec (ISO: mto) (and other less relevant Mixean varieties)
    • In print. Obtained from Trico libraries.
  • Discussion of Tlahuitoltepec phonotactics
    • Esther Herrera Zendejas 2009. Formas sonoras: Mapa fónico de las lenguas mexicanas.
    • Requested from UPenn through EZBorrow
  • Tlahuitoltepec: a brief phonological sketch; a short, analyzed text; around 600 analyzed sentences illustrating different types of construction; and a short vocabulary.
    • Could request from University of Pittsburgh through EXBorrow
  • !! Paper on the efforts to standardize Mixe orthography. Considers many factors, including the positions/attitudes of the many communities involved.
    • John Benjamins 2003 The story of ö
    • ö is particularly significant in Totontepec (mto)


  • Bible translation in Totontepec (ISO: mto) variety. Includes text and audio.
    • Copyrighted, all rights reserved. Permitted for personal, non-commercial use.
    • Bible.is 2013 Sociedad Bíblica de México, A.C.
  • Wikimedia for Totontepec (ISO: mto) variety. 10 pages, mostly pictures of animals and what they're called in Totontepec.