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About me

Hi! My name is Bill Dengler. I'm a final semester computer science major with minors in linguistics (toward which I'm counting this course) and global studies. I have been totally blind since birth due to Norrie disease – I use the NVDA and VoiceOver screen readers to access my computer and phone respectively.

Though my specialty is accessible technology (after graduation, I'll be starting a full-time software engineering position at Microsoft, hopefully on the Accessibility Insights team), I have done a little bit at the intersection of computation and linguistics, though definitely more rooted in the former. Last semester (fall 2021), Jonathan and I developed a tool to make syntax trees (and other types of trees more generally) accessible to blind people. While I am interested in language, especially how it operates as a "system", my linguistics experience is far more limited, particularly in the areas of phonetics and phonology.

This semester, Elizabeth and I are working on Mixe.

If you're a future student or reader who'd like to contact me beyond spring 2022, my username virtually everywhere is codeofdusk. Choose your favourite messaging/social media app or email me at that username at gmail dot com.