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Developed Resources

External Resource Documentation


Yi font by SIL

  • No additional license or permission required.

Yi Keyboard

  • All rights reserved


Nuosu Yi-Chinese-English Glossary

  • Online dictionary for commonly used vocabulary between Nuosu, Mandarin, and English.
  • All rights reserved. The online dictionary should be cited as 2020. Nuosu Yi-Chinese-English Glossary. Sil International.

Grammar Descriptions

Phoneme Inventory

A Grammar of Nuosu

  • Grammatical rules of Nuosu, including phonology and word rules.
  • Gerner, M. (2013). A grammar of Nuosu. De Gruyter Mouton.

Scientific Works

The Nuosu Book of Origins

  • Contains Nuosu texts in modern Yi script, including translation; documentation of cultural practices
  • All rights reserved

Definiteness in Nuosu Yi and the theory of argument formation

  • Study on definiteness in Nuosu; contains annotated sentences in modern Yi script.
  • All rights reserved

Analysis and Discussion of Yi Word Segmentation

  • Analysis of Yi word segmentation
  • All rights reserved


Website of Chinese Yi People

  • Contains news in traditional Yi script, website available in Nuosu, Mandarin, and English
  • All rights reserved.

Liangshan Daily in Yi

  • Liangshan local newspaper in Yi with transcribed text

Bible Translation in Nuosu

Bible in Yi

  • Bible in Nuosu without translation, large amount of text

Dialogues in Yi

  • 600 textbook conversations in Nuosu

Github Repository

  • Link to Github Corpus

Developed Resources

Yi Keyboard

  • Link to developed Nuosu Keyboard

Other Websites

OLAC page on Nuosu