Nuosu and Mandarin

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Resources for machine translation between Nuosu and English

Developed Resources

Polished RBMT System

Nuosu Transducer

  • Over : bible2.2022.1.31.txt (~249502 characters)
    • Precision: 97.6%
    • Recall: 86.46%
    • Coverage over large corpus: 75.43%
    • Stems in transducer: 300+

MT iii->zho

  • Over : iii.test.txt (30+ sentences)
    • Word Error Rate (WER): 38.6%
    • Position-independent word error rate (PER): 22.81%
    • Coverage: 78.5%



  • Added a rule that distinguishes adverbs and main verbs (ex. ꃅ)
  • Added a rule that distinguishes exhaustion particles and main verbs for (ex. ꌐ)
  • Added a rule that distinguishes end-of-sentence particles and main verbs for (ex. ꄉ)

Structural Transfer

  • Added one more sentence for each of the five rules, bringing the total to 10 sentences
  • Added a rule which added an adjective-specific marker when translating to Mandarin.
  • Added a rule which specified the explicit topic marker in Nuosu
  • Changed the rule that specified the organization of NP and ClP phrases

Adding Stems

  • Added 100 new stems