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Downloaded text files of Tiwi unigrams, bigrams, and trigrams

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This source crawled 3 documents to find the occurences of Tiwi unigrams, bigrams, and trigrams in the documents which can be useful to examine word order.



  • Ngawurranungurumagi nginingawila ngapangiraga [1]
  • Tiwi English Interactive Dictionary [2]

Grammatical Descriptions

  • The Tiwi language: Grammar, myths and dictionary of the Tiwi language spoken on Melville and Bathurst Islands, northern Australia [2]
  • Pages from Rosetta Project disucssing Tiwi phonology [4]
  • Basic orthographical information about the language[5]


  • The book of Genesis translated [6]
  • Recordings of Native Speakers speaking Tiwi phrases (need access from researchers)[7][3]

copyright: Not to copy the data in whole or in part except insofar as this may be necessary for security purposes or for my own personal use. Not to distribute the data to third parties, nor to publish or reproduce it in any way. Copyright of all machine-readable data issued by PARADISEC is reserved.

  • Page from some sort of tetxbook detailing the Life Cycle of a Butterfly with English translation[8]
  • Primary resource that looks to be Children's book informing about AIDS [9]
  • Childrens tale about thirsty frog [10]
  • Website detailing basic info about Tiwi [11]
  • Preschool story about turtle [12]
  • A war story told from mother to daughter [13]
  • UCLA word list [14]
  • Bible verses from Matthew [15] (access to Matthew, Mark, Luke, John)


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