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Developed Resources

  • Keyboard layout wiki page: [1]
  • Keyboard layout repository: [2]
  • Repository containing corpus of Warlpiri and English [3]
  • Grammar documentation page: [4]
  • Morphological Transducer Code: [5]
  • Morphological Transducer Documentation: [6]
  • Morphological Disambiguator: [7]
  • Resources for machine translation between Guarani and Warlpiri [8]
  • Dependency syntax: [9]
  • Link to final project: [10]

External Resources

Kinds of resources:

  • computational resources (spell checkers, orthography converters, speech recognition software),
  • dictionaries/phrasebooks/glossaries (multilingual and monolingual, online and paper),
  • grammatical descriptions (theoretical and pædagogical),
  • scientific works (papers, books, websites), and
  • corpora (any collection of authentic text, linguistically annotated or not)

Computational Resources

  • Kirrkirr is computer software allowing for transformation of lexical databases to provide information languages target at indigenous languages, created by Kevin Jansz, Christopher Manning, and Nitin Indurkhya. [11] It's available for download on Linux. The specifics of the authors' work on Warlpiri is detailed here: [12]
  • Christopher Horsethief has developed a Warlpiri Font Keyboard available on iOS devices. Available for purchase. [13]


  • The AuSIL (Australian Society for Indigenous Languages) has an interactive Warlpiri-English dictionary [14] that includes a Warlpiri lexicon and English to Warlpiri translations. It appears to be free to download, yet download is not available on the current server.
  • The Glosbe Dictionary contains 55 phrases translated in English and Warlpiri. The phrases contain usage examples, and anyone can edit their translations [15]. Note about licenses: "Some of data we present is licensed with CC-BY-SA, some is FDL, some comes with custom license. Data source is always indicated next to data if it is needed due to the license." [16] There is also a free API that can be used [17].
  • A list of Warlpiri words, including English translations: [18] No license necessary.
  • A concise and comprehensive edition of the Warlpiri dictionaries used to build KirrKirr for Warlpiri: [19] Available for free download.

Grammatical Descriptions

  • The Omniglot encyclopedia includes a short grammatical description of Warlpiri: [20] No license necessary.
  • The AuSIL has a description of Warlpiri, including its sounds and abbreviations:[21] No license necessary.
  • Syntax - Theory and and Analysis (Kiss, 2015) includes a chapter about the grammatical structures of Walpiri [22]
  • Edinburgh Handbook of Evaluative Morphology (Bowler, 2015) [23] All rights reserved. Available for viewing on Google Scholar.

Scientific Works

  • The AuSIL also contains links to four papers by Stephen Swartz (1982), regarding Warlpiri clauses, propositional particles, verb roots, and verbal clauses, in photocopied PDF form [24] No license is necessary to download it.
  • Jane Simpson is a researcher at the Australian National University who has published many papers on Warlpiri, including her PhD thesis "Aspects of Warlpiri Morphology and Syntax" [25] No license is necessary to download it.
  • Jane Simpson's book Warlpiri Morpho-Syntax (1991) is available in McCabe: [26]


  • Sample paragraph of Warlpiri from Omniglot Encyclopedia, including the English translation. Copyrighted, but usable as long as reference is given and it's not used commercially. [27]
  • New testament in Warlpiri, available in other translations including English. All rights reserved, © Wycliffe Bible Translators, Inc. [28]
  • A series of short stories by AIATSIS Australian Indigenous Languages Collection Informants. Open access, available for download: [29]